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  • Stres And Pain

    Pain is not a response that’s simply caused by a physical lesion alone; it’s a complex phenomenon with massive psychosocial and neurochemical contributors as well. And just like how poor sleep can (indirectly) cause an increased sensitivity to pain, perhaps mental distress can as well. We all know negative stress as causing potentially negative effects on the body. Many […]

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  • Sorry, We Won’t Be Breaking Down Your Scar Tissue

    One of the greatest myths of the manual therapy world is the belief of a physical treatment breaking down scar tissue or muscle fibers. That’s right, we said it. You’ve been told lies. Manual therapy cannot break down tissue. Consider This If pressure from a therapists’s hands were enough to break down any tissue, why doesn’t […]

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  • Managing A Pain Relapse (Is Like Quitting Smoking)

    Across the board, regressions and relapses occur in every type of behaviour or lifestyle change, whether it’s recovery from pain, smoking, or weight loss. While the ideal is that we persevere through the road block or speed bump and continue on through the recovery process, often, hitting a point where pain returns, a cigarette is […]

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  • Osteoarthritis Myths And Facts

    Osteoarthritis affects approximately 10% of all Canadians. It’s a condition characterized by the degeneration of cartilage within a joint and, at more-advanced stages, the addition of irregular bony growth in those spaces, often causing debilitating pain and loss of function. The diagnosis of OA can be a terrifying reality for people, as it’s immediately seen as […]

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